Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nerd up Report 04/03/2013 (Back dated)


Whose afraid of the big black bat?

------Spoiler alert---------

 So last week I had spoke briefly on the changing of hands of the mantle of Batwing the character created by Grant Morrison and dubbed the batman of Africa. Now I was afraid they would white was the character, but they surprised me and gave the Mantel to Luke Fox. Now who is Luke Fox you ask? I didn’t know either until I read this issue, so long time friend, confidante and inventor of batman’s weapons Lucius Fox has a son who is rich, smart and kicks people’s ass in MMA ring. This to me is interesting because he is described by the writers as “What Bruce would be like if he enjoyed being a wealthy playboy.” The biggest thing here is that Luke is recruited by batman (who he doesn’t know is Bruce) but that Lucius doesn’t know this which can and probably will lead to a lot of clashes between Lucius and batman.

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