Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nerd up report 03/27/2013 (Back dated)


Black Attack?

So recently DC comics has attempted and then reneged on an attempt to kill John Stewart, the first black GL and DC’s most high profile Black character along sides static. The whole situation with this one was weak because once DC realized flak they were getting for it they changed their tune. For a company that started off with a lot of talk about diversity they have sure had a real problem realizing what that is. Couple that with the fact that they are ending two of their most popular animated shows in Young Justice and Green Lantern, I feel like they need to hire whoever at Disney is making power plays such as the Marvel Studios and Lucas Films buy outs. Oh lest we forget that they are hemorrhaging creators like a pig at a butchers shop, Johns I love yah buddy Infinite Crisis is still my favorite DC events but I don’t know what is going on under your watch and I really hope that it has more to do with Warner Bros. and not with you or Jim Lee.

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