Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm tired of feeling like my feeling doesn't matter. Like it's never that serious. Like your feelings are the only ones that can be stepped on. Why are you so Damned sel-fish? Can't you hide it? Can't you change it. Not unless you want to. But I guess you don't. Sometimes people need to learn how to love others before they can love others, sometimes you can love yourself too much. Being Self-centered and thinking you're selfless is an illusion. It is never about the things you think it is, It's about the choice and the telling. But you will always be material. Surface, sometimes shallow. And that's fine. I'll stay here in the deep end. Clever now aren't we. I'd like to see your face when I think what you feel is trivial. It's well known you've gotta give to get, so why does it feel like givings all I'm doing?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fear and Faith

So I've been working on my 11th issue of Hierophants, I'm getting close to done 7 pages more after that It's on to issue 12 and then I'll have material enough for a year. This will be a strange year for the Hierophants (like they've had previous years right haha). The story like all others wrote itself and at some point I decided to do something I didn't even think about until the last movement, that said season 2 of the series will start off differently than the first season and will move more toward the Macabre side of the tracks and become closer to the horror/mystery I've always wanted. I hope it stays as thrilling as I think it is. Stay tuned.