Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Bounty J1 Review

Super Bounty J1 Review
by Rachaun Rogers

“Solve all your problems with Pandas.”

 Super Bounty J1 starts off with it’s title character blasting a large black cyborg named Sin into the concrete and keeps up a steady pace of action and comedy from there. I don’t tend to smile when reading comics but this one got me, the art style while not the best in the world evokes classic Capcom comics nostalgia that reminds me my time in arcades as a boy. There are some great scenes here like when J1 uses an uppercut complete with shoryuken motions to KO Sin once and for all, which had me grinning from ear to ear. 

This being said I had two issues with the comic one big and the other small. The first being that we don’t know where J1 comes from; I’m a comics fan and I like a little back story about how things came to be and how ended up in the position their in, but maybe that will come with the expansion of the series. The second thing is that the world seems small, what does the populace think of the Bounty hunters? Is this the same earth we live on only in the future? Being that this falls into the Cyberpunk genre, (which I love) is this a dystopian society? All of these again can be answered with future issues. 

Speaking of issues, when you buy the main book Super Bounty J1 #1 you get behind the scenes art, back story on J1 and other characters, as well as spoilers for future stories.  In the long run this was a fun book not the best I’ve ever read but if you’re looking for action, laughs and fighting game nostalgia check it out. 
Rating 3.5/5

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