Sunday, April 6, 2014

Veil #2 Review

Veil #2 Review

Monday, January 20, 2014

My first ever comic the Hierophants Back on Sale Digitally.

The Hierophants Digital

Marcus Ripley is following his families legacy as the Geist, New York cities one and only hero. However that all changes when the death of a young man sparks civilians into action and a new vigilante emerges and takes center stage.

In the year 2011 the world has come to a turning point. Change or be washed away in the coming cosmic tide. The architects of that change are the Hierophants, a family of celestial concepts born to bring humanity into an age of new wonders or the ashes of an old hell. Enter Marcus Ripley the cities one and only protector the Geist who will learn that his days of following his father and grand father’s footsteps are over. It now falls on him that will not only affect his family, but the fate of the very universe he lives in. He will soon learn that he must rise above the waves of fate, or be drowned in the undertow. Magic, Humanity, love and self-discovery await in this occult, noir thrill ride.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Versus #1 Review

Written and Created by: Adeniyi Adeniji
Art by: Dayo Animashaun
Cover art: Nsikak “Paps” Ifet
Cover Colors: Harriet Opara

This installment of reviews I took a trip to Africa, well not really but I was fortunate enough to land a copy of Versus, the flagship title from Nigerian publisher Comic Bandit Press. Our story opens up on a distant planet named, New Genesis (not the one you’re thinking). Here a small time thief is being chased by three hooded harbingers of terror, who scare the life out of everyone they encounter.
          Apparently the poor brigand is carrying something the trio wants, something important enough to die for. This precludes a galaxy wide call to arms to face an oncoming and unknown threat.
          I enjoyed this story for what it was, a sci-fantasy romp that had hints of both War Hammer 40k and Shadow Skill at its edges, setting the tone of the worlds. The interactions between the characters of Jabari, and Haruna were entertaining if not a little cliché. I enjoyed the character of Ohin for his cavalier attitude in the face of what was to come and while Mustafa wasn’t particularly deep he did give some greater insight into the characters inner relationships.
          The art was hit or miss with certain characters being wonderfully detailed and others being sloppily done, a trait that carries over to the landscape, buildings and even vehicles.
          The thing I enjoyed the most about the story was the Nigerian cultural nuances conveyed through language and action. Like Anime/Manga this comic introduces readers to certain verbal idiosyncrasies held by the Nigerian people, making the setting very endearing and unique. I give Versus #1 a 3/5


The Legend of Will Power #1 Review

Written, Created, Penciled and Inked by: Vince White

The Legend of Will Power opens up in the future with the great teller, a large space Viking in a toga spinning, a tale to a trio of godlings about our titular hero. He goes on to reveal that before Will no other Gods existed in the universe, flash back to the present where Will is playing a high school football game. We get some narration about his premature birth and how his father, Professor Jonathan was the only one who knew he would survive. After the game, William his , girlfriend Dee and his best friend Abbot head out to the flats where his father’s laboratory is stationed. Here the professor shows them a number of his inventions including the Matter Density Converter, which you guessed it alters the density of objects placed in it. We also get a look at his Fifth Dimensional stasis chamber which shifts anything inside of it 5 degrees outside of our dimension.  During the tour something goes wrong and the Matter Density Converter malfunctions causing the entire fabric of reality to be altered, but not before Jonathan pushes Will safely into the 5D stasis chamber, from there on the story takes an interesting turn.

          This book is an example of how do indie comics like a professional.  The art while black and white is crisp, the main character is extremely likeable and wholesome without being campy.  It also features one of the most original and refreshing origin stories I’ve read in a long time, with a set up for a bigger more exciting universe.

           The only issues I had were that I would’ve like to see more interaction with Will and his father to make their relationship more impactful, also color would have made the comic shine.I give The Legend of Will Power# 1 a 4/5.