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Black Nerds Need Love too

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Check out the pod cast tonight

Check out the pod cast tonight where we have Aasha Davis who plays Racey on the web series Unwritten rules.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seeking Nerdy black girls to interview.

Looking for nerdy black girls to interview about their dating experiences and expectations of a mate. Hit up my inbox or reply to this. This will be posted on the site listed below.

Black Nerd Dating


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nerd up report. (04/10/2013) Back dated.


Never Ending Sagas

Yesterday Warner Bros. Games has announced that they will be taking over Rock Steady’s Arkham franchise for the next installment of Batman games. This could be a very bad thing or a very good thing, bad because they could ruin the franchise myself and so many other love. Good because we may get a unified game universe from them sometime in the future. The Bad weighs heavier than the good in my opinion as DC WB's has been making very poor decision as of late regarding not only their comic book properties, their cancellation of Young Justice and Green Lantern Corps. I'd love it if this game were unto Arkham city as it was to Arkham Asylum and just kept getting better and with Deathstroke the Terminator (That's Right!) as the main antagonist along with five other assassins I’ll make an effort to hold out hope.

Also Apple pulled Saga #12 from its online store because of two "postage stamp size" scenes of gay sex. Brian K Vaughn one of the series creators explained that they could've edited the Images but they weren't there for shock value or their own sake so and I quote "They're not changing shit." In response to this Comixology released a statement claiming that Apple didn’t pull Saga #12 but will be releasing it at a later date due to some guideline issues, I honestly don’t know what to make of this because the reaction is reminiscent of DC’s constant damage control after doing something that doesn’t turn out well for them so we shall se. .  Lastly I'd like to pour a little something for the departure of Nigerian writer and patriot Chinua Achebe hailed as the African Shakespeare for his novel "Things fall apart" who passed away last week at 82. I'm an Ancient African History nerd so his novels were really important to me on beginning my journey toward African studies. He will be missed
And that's it's for this report so chill out and Nerd Up!.

Nerd up Report 04/03/2013 (Back dated)


Whose afraid of the big black bat?

------Spoiler alert---------

 So last week I had spoke briefly on the changing of hands of the mantle of Batwing the character created by Grant Morrison and dubbed the batman of Africa. Now I was afraid they would white was the character, but they surprised me and gave the Mantel to Luke Fox. Now who is Luke Fox you ask? I didn’t know either until I read this issue, so long time friend, confidante and inventor of batman’s weapons Lucius Fox has a son who is rich, smart and kicks people’s ass in MMA ring. This to me is interesting because he is described by the writers as “What Bruce would be like if he enjoyed being a wealthy playboy.” The biggest thing here is that Luke is recruited by batman (who he doesn’t know is Bruce) but that Lucius doesn’t know this which can and probably will lead to a lot of clashes between Lucius and batman.

Nerd up report 03/27/2013 (Back dated)


Black Attack?

So recently DC comics has attempted and then reneged on an attempt to kill John Stewart, the first black GL and DC’s most high profile Black character along sides static. The whole situation with this one was weak because once DC realized flak they were getting for it they changed their tune. For a company that started off with a lot of talk about diversity they have sure had a real problem realizing what that is. Couple that with the fact that they are ending two of their most popular animated shows in Young Justice and Green Lantern, I feel like they need to hire whoever at Disney is making power plays such as the Marvel Studios and Lucas Films buy outs. Oh lest we forget that they are hemorrhaging creators like a pig at a butchers shop, Johns I love yah buddy Infinite Crisis is still my favorite DC events but I don’t know what is going on under your watch and I really hope that it has more to do with Warner Bros. and not with you or Jim Lee.

Nerd up Report 03/20/2013 (Back dated)

Black Biting

I’ve got something I just wanna get off my chest. Recently I have noticed a few indie creators who have been attacking and back biting one another at random intervals, usually on Face Book (Which is why I don’t like to use the site often). I found this odd since most of the people attacking others used be friends with their targets and in some instances helped them build an audience for their product. Now while I don’t know both sides of the story or why one person would feel so slighted by another that they would send other people to sabotage their old associates business but it is indicative of a mind state that some people like to call crabs in a barrel. I think it would stand to reason that while you may disagree with someone you don’t have hate on them or ‘troll’ them as the saying goes. I would go so far as to say that a rival is a good thing for business old lions didn’t get where they are by being unchallenged.

Lastly I’d like to give a few shout outs. Shout out to Superheru Radio, Black Science Fiction Society and all those who tuned in.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Angel Savior review 1,2,&3

Angel Savior 1,2 and 3 review
By Rachaun Rogers

“ In the beginning…”

I just took a look at the Angel savior comic written and drawn by Jason Richardson. It reminds me of Go Nagi’s Devilman, which is good; the art suits the story well but is sometimes inconsistent. The story is about a young man who is also the angel of death going to war with Hell’s legion and attempting to prevent the apocalypse. The fight scenes in this come straight out of Dragon Ball Z and manage to be over the top with out being cheesy as the cities get laid to waste and volley’s of energy fly this way and that. The book has heavy Christian overtones with scenes straight out of the Bible if you’re into that sort of thing, being neither Christian nor religious I viewed it more as an expansion of the stories mythos.

There were some interesting reveals and back-story in this series one a bit predictable and the other a nice surprise that left me wanting to know more. I found myself wanting to know more about certain things mainly why Jason descended to earth, as well as how he and Lisa met. There is another dynamic that I like in this story that I really like and would like to see more of, that is the relationship between the villains. Jason’s nemesis Animus is the son of Satan who’s half-brother Hardin is constantly battling him for the throne.  Their war is extensions of their mothers desire to be with the dark lord, a bloody battle that has been raging for ages. This is interesting to me as it gives the villains a human element that makes me a bit more invested in them than the hero at this point.

This is a good thing because every great and compelling hero has great and compelling villains that being said this has the potential to be a very interesting story and I’m looking forward to seeing how it shapes up. You can find the comics on in both digital and print formats.

4/5 rating

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Bounty J1 Review

Super Bounty J1 Review
by Rachaun Rogers

“Solve all your problems with Pandas.”

 Super Bounty J1 starts off with it’s title character blasting a large black cyborg named Sin into the concrete and keeps up a steady pace of action and comedy from there. I don’t tend to smile when reading comics but this one got me, the art style while not the best in the world evokes classic Capcom comics nostalgia that reminds me my time in arcades as a boy. There are some great scenes here like when J1 uses an uppercut complete with shoryuken motions to KO Sin once and for all, which had me grinning from ear to ear. 

This being said I had two issues with the comic one big and the other small. The first being that we don’t know where J1 comes from; I’m a comics fan and I like a little back story about how things came to be and how ended up in the position their in, but maybe that will come with the expansion of the series. The second thing is that the world seems small, what does the populace think of the Bounty hunters? Is this the same earth we live on only in the future? Being that this falls into the Cyberpunk genre, (which I love) is this a dystopian society? All of these again can be answered with future issues. 

Speaking of issues, when you buy the main book Super Bounty J1 #1 you get behind the scenes art, back story on J1 and other characters, as well as spoilers for future stories.  In the long run this was a fun book not the best I’ve ever read but if you’re looking for action, laughs and fighting game nostalgia check it out. 
Rating 3.5/5