Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scrawl of Dreams : God of the Hopeless

Scrawl of Dreams: God of the Hopeless
By :Ra’Chaun Rogers

Panel 1: High Angle. Establishing shot of an apartment building in the city of Endwater. The building is red brick with white window frames and is about three stories high. There are two trees at the front door keeping post. The awning is green and says 1702. The yellow hallway lights flood into the gloom of evening.

1 Caption: Today has been so good.

2 Caption: Considering the fact that it’s a Wednesday and I hate Wednesday because Murphy’s Law is always in full effect.

3 Caption: But nothing has gone wrong. As a matter of fact everything has gone right. Work went by relatively quickly and working for the city can feel like your stuck in a time warp.

Panel 2: We’re peering through the window of an apartment on the third floor. We can see the light and some indistinct living room fixtures such as a lamp, a coffee table two plants. This is a low angle and a medium shot.

4 Caption: The second issue of the comic book I’m working on with my friend Kevin is gonna be finished just in time for the Endwater comic convention this weekend.

5 Caption: He’s the artist; I’m the writer by the way.

Panel 3: This is another establishing shot of the main character and narrator Roderick Parker. He’s about 5’7, 125. He’s got almond colored skin, eyes that twinkle and glasses. He has long dread locks that he keeps tied up in a ponytail. Right now he’s wearing a gray, black and white plaid shirt with blue skinny jeans and black canvas sneakers bearing a spider web logo. His cell phone is to his ear and on both of his wrists are copper bracelets, he also seems to be pacing. We’re looking from the P.O.V. of his T.V., behind him a worn caramel colored couch, a small table with a plant on it and an archway leading to the kitchen. On the wall are in descript commissioned drawings from various comic book artists. This is a full shot at no strange angle

6 Roderick: So you’re home now? Great I’m gonna leave in a second.

7 Caption: And my girlfriend Sierra just called, she got off early and she wants to see me tonight. Plus she’s horny as hell.

8 Caption: I almost expect to look up and see the lights of the Good year blimp read that I’m a pimp.

Panel 4: This is a worm’s eye view of Roderick locking his door. This is a medium shot so we’re rising up to him from his waist. His bracelets clink on the brass doorknob as he locks up.

9 Caption: Condoms, check, keys, check, Wallet check, Novel for train, check, Condoms double check.

10 Sfx: clink

Panel 5: This is a full shot profile of Roderick walking down the steps. His hands are in his pockets. The banisters are walnut brown and worn down, they are chipped and dented, and the walls are an off white. The steps are old and creaky.

11 Sfx: creakkkkk, creaakkk.

Page two

Panel 1: This is a splash page. Roderick has walked out of his apartment building and is in the doorway. There are three people standing in front of him two men and a woman. The first man who will be known as Guy is a tall bald black guy, wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans. He’s wearing shades and he is standing to one side so we see a profile of him he looks like a tank with black boots on. The man in the middle who will be known as Fade has his back turned to us he’s wearing a hoody with an exploding star on the back. His hood is up and he’s wearing skinny jeans and black sneakers. His hands are at his sides and clenched into fists. The woman who will be known as Blair is light brown with brown hair, she’s standing to one side and we’re seeing her on a side profile. She’s wearing dark black vest over a dark green shirt that are tight around her impressive chest. She’s wearing painted on black jeans that strain to cover her ample bottom and green flats.

1 Fade: Hello Mr. Parker. We need you to come with us.

2 Caption: Damn Wednesday. And you were doing so well.

Page three

Panel 1: This is a side profile of both Roderick and Fade. We now see that Fade has Asian features, his hair is long and falling over his shoulders from under his hood. His bangs are dyed red and he has two snakebite lip rings.

1 Roderick: Who the hell are you and how do you know me?

2 Fade: Would you rather we referred to you by titles?

Panel 2: We’ve got a High angle, full shot. Everyone is still standing where they were.

3 Fade: The Black Prince?

4 Gun: Chaos Regent?

5 Blair: God of the Hopeless?

Panel 3: Roderick walks up to Fade who is standing in his way. Fade is barring his advance with a hand on his chest.

6 Roderick: Excuse me I have somewhere to be.

7 Fade: Sorry we need you to come with us.

Panel 4: Roderick is punching Fade in the face, Guy and Blair jump back instinctively. Fade is stumbling. We’re behind Roderick. This is a medium shot. High angle.

8 Sfx: Crack

9 Fade: ughhhh

10 Roderick: move!!

Panel 4: Roderick is out side of their semi-circle and has his back facing the street. This is a bird’s eye view.

5 Roderick: I don’t know who you are or how you know those names but I have a pretty good idea of who sent you.

6 Roderick: And I’m telling you. You need to leave before you’re not able to.

7 Fade: Sorry we have our orders to bring you back through the fourth wall conscious or unconscious if need be.

Page four

Panel 1: Roderick is rushing the, three of them. He’s in the air doing a split kick to Guy and Blair.

1 Roderick: Good luck!!!
2 Sfx: Crachoommm

3 Blair: Ughhhh

4 Guy: Gahhhh

Panel 2: He is now squaring off against Fade. Roderick is taking off his glasses while Fade squares away in a fighting stance similar to Jeet Kun Do.

5 Fade: We really didn’t have to do it this way.

6 Roderick: You show up at my house surround me, bar my exit and then threaten me.

7 Fade: Yes well there was that. But I needed to see what the legendary Roderick Parker could do.

Panel 3: This is a side profile angle in a medium shot. Fade is throwing a punch at Roderick who is side stepping him and pushing his hand away. This takes place in the foreground the background is a blur as if moving with Fade.

8 Roderick: YOU.

9 Fade: Rahhaaa

Panel 4: This is a Dutch Angle, full shot. Roderick has Fade’s wrist and is flipping him over. Fade is at a right angel in mid air.

10 Roderick: ARE.

Panel 5: Fade is hitting the ground with force we’re facing Roderick as he stands over Fade. He’s still clutching his wrist.

11 Fade: unfhh

12 Roderick: WASTING

Panel 6: Worms eye view of Roderick punching the ground and inch away from Fade’s face. Fade should look terrified as Roderick’s hand breaks through the concrete.

13 Roderick : MY TIME

14 Sfx: whummp

15 Fade: gruhhh.

Page Five

Panel 1: This is a high angle shot. Roderick is facing us and he’s turning his head to the left he looks angry. Guy and Blair are coming up behind him, Guy’s glasses are no longer on and his lip is busted. Blair is bleeding from her nose and her hair is disheveled. Both have revenge plastered on their face.

1 Roderick: You all should’ve stayed down. I really don’t wanna fight you but you’re not giving me a lot of choice

2 Guy: #### You, you prick.

3 Blair: We need to bring him back alive but not in one piece.

4 Roderick: This is getting old.

Panel 2: This is a full shot. Guy is rushing at Roderick and receiving a kick to the sternum. The kick is extremely fast and almost blurs. We can see Roderick’s eyes have now gone from brown to silver.

5 Roderick: sit down

6 Sfx: Crunch

7 Guy: Unffffh

Panel 3: This is another high angle two shot of Blair and Roderick. Roderick is delivering a palm to her stomach as she rushes toward him.

8 Sfx: slammmm

9 Roderick: Stop

10 Blair: Gughhh

Panel 4: This is a birds eye of the scene. Fade, Blair and Guy are laying on the floor. Roderick is standing over them.

11 Roderick: Why did you all have to come at me like this?

12 Voice from off: Because we need you now more than ever.

Panel 5: This is a shot in the fore ground. Roderick is whipping his head around to see a tall curvaceous woman in a long black dress, with wild kinky hair. We can’t see all of her features from we’re we are but we can see enough of her.

Page Six

Panel 1: Splash page. This is a shot of Lady Dagger also known Carmen. She’s got double D cup breasts, wide hips and backside so ample it can be seen from the front. Her eyes are silver, her lips are full and her glare is commanding. She is used to getting her way without compromising herself in anyway. Her sensual smile is disarming and the sexuality dripping off of her makes her seem more like a predator than anything else. But there is real and dangerous power behind her eyes as if to say I am not a woman to be trifled with, disrespected or taken lightly. Her eyes should let the reader know that she means business at all times.

1 Caption: I knew someone had sent these three. But I didn’t think it was Her.

2 Caption: Our Lady of the Dagger. Witch of the Dawn, Queen of the Black Sun, Our lady of Tears, Carmen Nolan, My soul sister and mother of the woman I love.

3 Carmen: Hello Roddy. It’s been a long time.

Page Seven

Panel 1: This is a medium shot at a slightly low angle. Roderick and Carmen are standing some fifteen feet away from each other. Roderick is shrugging and Carmen is smiling at him. They’re both in the street and a street lamp is beaming an amber glow down on them. Roderick should have an exasperated expression on his face.

1 Roderick: Hello Carmen, why did you send these people after me? I could’ve swore they were…

2 Carmen: No they’re not His and I never told them to attack you, as a matter of fact I told them not to engage you in combat.

3 Roderick: So that’s why they’re laying in a heap. What ever do you want from me?

Panel 2: This is a close up of Carmen. Her smile has waned and has become a line of utter seriousness. We’re seeing her from the shoulders up. She has high cheekbones and a attractive angular face. Her silver eyes gleam in the streetlight, they’re fierce and commanding.

4 Carmen: Scrawl is in trouble, apocalyptic trouble and we’d like you to come and fix it.

5 Carmen: If you don’t mind.

Panel 3: Roderick is frowning deeply. His eyes once again revert to their silver tint and he’s undoing his ponytail. This is a single shot of him.

6 Roderick: See. I don’t like this.

7 Roderick: The agreement was that I’d leave Scrawl to the two of you and I’d be able to live in Endwater peacefully. You’d create some kind of working government for all of the nations and leave it at that.

8 Roderick: And I would not have to be bothered with affairs of the extra dimensional world.

Panel 4: This is a shot of both of them. Carmen is pursing her lips and Roderick is rolling his eyes and throwing his hands up in the air as if to say ‘ok I give’. His dread locks drape over his shoulders

9 Carmen: I’m not sure if you remember but Endwater is apart of Scrawl. So technically you never left. But we could argue semantics.

10 Roderick: No. Never mind, you’re right. What do I have to do?

11 Carmen: come with me back to Scrawl. And work your magic.

Panel 5: Roderick is looking down at the collapsed assailants. Carmen is waving her hand dismissively, looking a little disappointed. Roderick’s hands are in his pockets, his shoulders hunched. This is a high angle full shot, and is a bit wide.

12 Roderick: Yeah all right but first I have to go see Sierra. I promised her I’d be coming over tonight and if I’m going for an extended stay in the Sacred Homelands I’d like some company.

13 Carmen: And what am I Air whale meat?

14 Roderick: You’re my girlfriend’s “mother” and technically my “sister”.

15 Carmen: You and your human sensibilities ruin everything. I was really looking forward to you jumping my bones tonight. It did me a lot of good, heightened my ‘gaze’ you know.

16 Roderick: You know that can’t happen again. That was before Sierra and I got together and you know my loyalty to her is undoable.

Panel 6: This is a similar shot but now Carmen and Roderick are walking away. Roderick is gesturing to his left. They are in the foreground; in the background we see an unfocused view of the unconscious bodies. Carmen is smiling a bit mischievously. This shot is tighter on the both of them.

17 Carmen: I could just make you do it. Turn my gaze on you.

18 Roderick: No you couldn’t because you know what I’d do if you tried.

19 Carmen: I’m just teasing you gosh. You were always so serious.

20 Roderick: It pays sometimes. What do we do about them?

21 Carmen: Leave em. I told them not to fight you. They didn’t listen so they felt.

Page Eight

Panel 1: This is a full shot. We’re standing inside another apartment. It’s on the bottom floor of two-story house. This is a full shot of Sierra Morgan she has her back to us and is standing at a stove. She is built much like her “mother” Carmen. She’s wearing basketball shorts that are tight over her backside; she has on a white tank top. On her right are assorted vegetables, greens and reds and browns and oranges. She’s in front of the stove but we can’t see what she’s doing on account of her not facing us. Above her are open cabinets with various spices. To her left is sink the water is turned off. Behind the vegetables is a toaster and next to that is a microwave. Sierra has her cell phone between the crook of her neck and her ear. Her friend Nina is on the other end.

1 Sfx: Shhhhhhsssss

2 Sierra: I hope he likes this.

3 Nina (on phone): He will Roddy’s a sweet heart.

4 Sierra: Yeah he is, it’s just that he doesn’t like okra.

5 Nina (on phone): He’ll like it cause you made it.

Panel 2: This is a medium shot, side profile of Sierra. She is very much built like Carmen. And while her lips aren’t as full they still have the same pout. Her eyes are a beautiful dark chocolate and where Carmen’s are stern commanding suns, her’s are as deep and wonderful as black holes. You could definitely see yourself getting lost in them. She’s holding a silver spatula with a black handle in one hand and wearing an oven mitt and holding a skillet handle in the other one.

6 Sierra: You’re right he will.

7 Nina (On phone): Of course I am. Cause he knows if he doesn’t he won’t get any.

8 Sierra: I don’t know if I can bluff that. He’s very persuasive.

9 Nina: (On Phone): He must be if I like him.

Panel 3: Sierra is putting the food on plates. This is a medium shot. We’re seeing her from the P.O.V of the wall. Behind her is a couch, a T.V. a coffee table with assorted magazines. A bronze bust of a black woman with locks smiling. And a vase of violets on a stand. This is a background centric panel.

10 Nina (On Phone): Didn’t you become a vegetarian because of him?

11 Sierra: No. Not really. I just…thought it was a healthy life style change.

12 Nina (On phone): Yeah. He’s layin’ it down hard huh.

13 Sierra: You have no idea. Hehehe.

Panel 4: Sierra is setting the plates down on the table. The bell rings. This is a full shot from a low angle. We’re seeing Sierra from the side and at the couches P.O.V. The T.V. is a plasma screen and is tuned to a basketball game in the background. There is also an unidentified Game system linked to it. Below the T.V. is a cable box. Both the T.V. and the cable box are made by Omni-scope and the System is made by Play-vision.

14 Sfx: Buzzzz.

15 Sierra: Oh that must be him, I’ll call you later.

16 Nina (On Phone): Tell Roddy I said hi.

15 Sierra: I will. Bye.

Panel 5: This is a nice mid shot. Sierra’s back is to the reader as she’s opened the door. Before her stands Carmen who is smiling and Roderick who is frowning, we can’t see Sierra’s face but she is frowning as well with her hands on her hips.

16 Carmen: Hello my dearest Sierra. Give mummy a kiss.

17 Sierra: What the Hell?

Page nine

Panel 1: This is a full shot, from the P.O.V of the door. Sierra is standing in front of the coffee table annoyance plastered on her face hands on her hips. Carmen is sitting on the couch smiling up at Sierra. Roderick looks like he wants to sink into the floor and disappear. Sierra is looking down at Carmen. This is a foreground centric shot so the kitchen is unfocused.

1 Sierra: What the hell is she doing here?

2 Roderick: She needs my help Scrawls in trouble, apocalyptic trouble

3 Sierra: So she says.

4 Carmen: Don’t talk about your mother as if she isn’t in the room.

5 Sierra: She isn’t, You’re not my mother.

Panel 2: This is a mid shot, in the foreground. Carmen is now face to face with Sierra who looks like she wants to hit her. Carmen is still smiling defiantly. Roderick is in the background trying to separate them to no avail.

6 Carmen: Maybe not here on earth. But in your home reality of Scrawl I am.

7 Sierra: This is my home reality. You sent me or my soul or whatever here when your husband ####ed everything up.

8 Roderick: Ladies please.

9 Carmen: I really wish he’d have chosen your sister. Dee Dee was always more obedient.

10 Sierra: Get the hell out of my house.

Panel 3: Similar panel but in the background this is focused on Roderick. It’s a background centered, medium shot.

11 Carmen: I will when Roderick does.

12 Sierra: You’re not going anywhere with him. If you or that snake Dee Dee even think of…

13 Roderick: Ladies. Stop It.

Panel 4: This is a shot of all three of them from the P.O.V of the couch. Roderick is using his “Persuasion.” This is an ability that allows him to influence the thoughts of other people. It’s not mind control; it just causes everyone who hears it to come to the conclusion that what he is saying is 100% right and the absolute truth. This only works if he believes it. Both Sierra and Carmen’s faces have gone somewhat blank.

14 Roderick: Listen to me. If Scrawl is in danger we owe it to the people living there to check it out.

15 Sierra: Yes, you’re right. It’s just why does she have to be so. All on you?

16 Carmen: I’m testing him sweetie. To see if he’s good enough for my sweet Real Vision

17 Sierra: Don’t call me that.

18 Carmen: That’s what I named you.

19 Roderick: Enough. Let’s just get going.

Panel 5: Sierra is going into a hallway this is a full shot at a high angle. Carmen’s head is cocked to one side looking at Roderick, her hands rest firmly on her hips. She’s giving Roderick one of those, ‘well look at you’ faces.

20 Sierra: Fine, fine. Let me just change into something more appropriate.

21 Roderick: sounds good.

22 Carmen: Well, well Roddy. Didn’t think you’d use that.

23 Roderick: You of all people should know what I’m capable of. Plus preconceived notions don’t work with me remember.

Panel 6: This is a full shot of Sierra. She’s wearing black painted on jeans, a purple long sleeve shirt and comfortable black, purple and red shoes.

24 Sierra: Ok let’s go.

Page ten

Panel 1: The three are walking down the street this is full shot. There are red and brown painted two story houses in the background. Some have cars in their driveways some don’t. There are lights on inside all of them.

1 Sierra: So how are we gonna get to Scrawl I mean we can’t just hail a cab and say we need to go to a dimension side ways from this one.

2 Carmen: Of course not. We’re taking a train

3 Roderick: The Dream engine. I forgot about that. Is it still in good shape?

4 Carmen: We’ve modified and upgraded it as of late.

Panel 2: They are walking down a set of stairs that seem out of place set against the residential houses as if the steps just appeared there. This is a wide shot. No angle.

5 Sierra: where did these stairs come from? I’ve never noticed them before.

6 Carmen: That’s because you’ve spent to much time away from the Sacred Homelands. Gateways like this exist all around Endwater you just have to know where to look.

Panel 3 This is a full shot from a low angle. It takes up the rest of the page. We’re standing behind Carmen, Sierra and Roderick looking up at a monstrous steam engine train it looks like a long rhino beetle on a track and may also have eyes. It’s dark blue with a brown chestnut finish.