Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Heirophants is up for digital download.

The Heirophants Digital download
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Crom-Cruach's Review of Hierophants on comics ledger pro boards

Having purchased Nelomaxwell's comic and read it over the weekend. I have decided to put up a review here.

So here goes 8-)

Hierophants issue 1
Publisher: Nelommaxwell comics
Writer: Ra'chaun Anton Rogers
Art: Kurtis Hamilton

Synopsis: Following the unfortunate shooting of an African American young man by the police, racial tensions are reaching a boiling point in N.Y. Out of this conflict appears the Geist, the city's newest superhero who steps in to intervene before a full on riot begins. This first issue introduces us to the character, his civilian life. The people important to him and his views of the world, while also giving us glimpses of the greater world and legacy at work in the Geist's destiny. In parallel to this we see the personal conflicts experienced by one of the police officers working in the neighborhood where the Geist has suddenly appeared.

Thoughts on the story: This story starts out almost straight into action as the Geist jumps in to stop the riot and then moves along to setting up the character as his personal life. Overall this is a good first issue, it kept me interested the whole read and certainly left plenty of places where to go with future stories. I'd particularly like to see perhaps an issue down the road that focuses almost all on Officer Marcus as I enjoyed this portion of the introductory issue. Pacing of the story is good, narration takes it's time setting up the setting and characters while providing excitement to those interest in action. It leaves us on a cliffhanger that was well presented (thought honestly there, I'm pretty sure I know what's going on but I won't spoil for those that haven't read)

Thoughts on the art: The first thing I can say is that it is unlike almost anything I've read so for, that's a plus. Distinctive art is just another thing to make a good comic. It does look good. That being said, the style works very well for some panels. But others to me had issues with the balance between the casting of the shadows versus illuminated portions. Overall it's a good first impression, but the artist is still in a polishing phase, there's room for improvement but it's a good start.

Final Thoughts: I highly recommend everyone to perchase Nelom's comic. I found it enjoyable and worth the purchase, as a first issue it's got promise to make for a very good on going series. It's a first issue done right, it got me interested right on the first page and made me want to get the second issue.

Final verdict:
Story: 4 out of 5
Art: 3.5 out of 5

Buy this comic! 8-)