Thursday, June 30, 2011


In this reality, this beautiful nightmare, this horrible dream... It seems that one can be the most wicked evil unforgivable person in the world, but never Good enough or too Good. What I mean is, a person can commit the most horrible acts possible and be completely evil. But a person must painfully strive against outside and internal forces to truly be Good. That doesn't seem like balance to me, both should be equal easy to accomplish or easily difficult. And while I'm not saying everyone can become a mass murderer, It seems so much easy to do little bad things then little good things. Why is that? Are humans predisposed to this ? or are they in fact condition to this ? What is the true nature of this thing? Is it even prudent to question? Why is it that more people want something from you than just to love you? Why must someone want something from you and why do most people want things from others that are so parasitic? Do Humans need to prey on each other? could we survive any other way? I think so. Maybe we've been beaten by the bullies so much that we become bullies, that we now need to beat on others, to take and feed and break and hurt and leech? And Why, Why is it so damn hard to love, but easy to use? Forget hate, usury is the real problem and I'm guilty of it, my asking this question doesn't mean I'm not, I'm just wondering is there a way out of this mode of thinking? and if so what, can it be found has it already been? It doesn't matter if it's easy to get there, but if it exists then it can be met. God Bless Amen.


Is desire bad? Even if it's for a good thing is it bad? Why do we desire? and why must me? What is it about being human that makes us want for things? I ask this question because It doesn't make sense. To me it seems to desire is to suffer, because when we want something we are in anguish without it and when we get it's only satisfying for a moment. I read a lot of comic books...To some degree I feel that I can if I were so inclined to become addicted to them. But they cost money and they are a fleeting thing, yes i gain some insight with them and hell it puts me in the mood to write my own comic. But what's the point? Desire is a burning thing a horrible thing...When it is felt its is like a hunger, but when it is sated does it really help? I present this question because humans are fragile and we allow ourselves to be afflicted with so much. What happens when we say enough, Enough torment, enough desire. Will we be absolved will we be free from it? or must we toil and battle it forever? God Help us. Amen


Is it good to deprive yourself of things? How do we know when things are bad for us? I've been trying to figure that out recently. Now there are things that we know are bad for us, things we shouldn't touch. Most of the time its stuff we want or like. But how do you know when something is bad for you? I deprive myself of things that I think are bad for me, it works for a bit, until somehow I decide It's worked its way out. I don't know if that's a way to live. But we'll see.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I don't know if I can actually stand the person I've become. I don't think I've made as many mistakes as others. I do feel however that I did make ones that I'm not sure I can forgive myself for. However given the person I am regardless of the mistakes I wouldn't be able to forgive them anyway. I have a few questions for God as much as on can question the Most High to any real avail. I suppose that's between me and him/her, though I've always wondered why when you think bad things or say them, they can come true in an instant but you only sometimes get good things when you say them and never when you think them. My brother once said that it's because you believe the bad stuff more. I don't know if that's a human predisposition or by design but i suppose it's true. Yeah, this reality sucks but to what degree are we responsible for the things that we don't know we should be doing and what we should not be doing. I was confronted by a mistake I made years ago and reevaluated it and realized in hindsight the points in which I could have made the right choice. I think i broke two hearts three counting my own, because at some point I lost faith in me. I choose the devil because i thought it was God talking to me, I assumed I could over come a lot. I am a fool, man is foolish to think he can do anything outside of Gods grace and not come to ruin. I'm afraid of love because I don't think I deserve it, I'm afraid to inspire because I shouldn't be an inspiration. I don't feel much like a hero, i feel like a heel. I wish i had died a long time ago, before I ever lived what is now my past. I have betrayed myself and Though half of my intention was good, it wasn't Good enough. Entropy has found me and atonement is a long road. I don't love myself anymore, if i ever did, but by the Grace of God if I can, If i can get my soul back? If I can get back into Gods arms, I would do anything I would do anything, just for that. This is what it feels like to be outside of him/her and i don't like it, it's not natural. I'm realizing you don't need to lose everything to hit rock bottom just the things that matter.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Keep Supporting

Alverne Ball

Another black creator who we should show some support to ya'll.

Check it out New Black comics

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trials of the Hierophants.

The 9th issue of the Hierophants script is done and this will mark the new direction of the Hierophants. It's gonna get bumpy but it will all work out in the end, the original family will prevail in the end, and it cannot rain forever.

Peace Family.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Returning to the worlds we know

So I was looking at an old piece of mine called Scrawl of Dreams and was wondering why i never finished it. So upon deciding that I would be expanding the Many Layered Heavens universe, I decided to make Scrawl apart of it, as I am now introducing something of an extra reality plot device within the Hierophants comic which is for those who don't know the jumping point for the entire MLH Universe. Scrawl will also be mentioned in my Graphic novel Hierophants Ages and Aeons along with another realm branch of the universe called Everholm: The Dark Space Chronicles. I also have horror comic I'm working on based on Kenyan mythos and a mini series asks what would happen if a creature like Sandman, lived in a world like that in the Dark Tower Series and offset something Similar to Secret Wars. I'm collaborating with an old friend with me writing, and lettering and him doing the art. The story will be from both of us so look out for that at some point. And of course the Hierophants issue 1 is on its way.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Word of Wisdom

What most people fail to realize is that the only constant is change. That being said it is safe to accept that not everyone we meet is destined to stay in our lives forever. No matter how much anyone would like to hold on, things will eventually become toxic. That is never something one needs...We should work to value the lessons we get from things and not the things we get them from. With that we will be better able to become better versions of ourselves.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Word of Wisdom

If we have strong ethics and guidelines of conduct, we can become sharper swords of truth .
-Aseer the Duke of Tiers.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011