Monday, January 20, 2014

My first ever comic the Hierophants Back on Sale Digitally.

The Hierophants Digital

Marcus Ripley is following his families legacy as the Geist, New York cities one and only hero. However that all changes when the death of a young man sparks civilians into action and a new vigilante emerges and takes center stage.

In the year 2011 the world has come to a turning point. Change or be washed away in the coming cosmic tide. The architects of that change are the Hierophants, a family of celestial concepts born to bring humanity into an age of new wonders or the ashes of an old hell. Enter Marcus Ripley the cities one and only protector the Geist who will learn that his days of following his father and grand father’s footsteps are over. It now falls on him that will not only affect his family, but the fate of the very universe he lives in. He will soon learn that he must rise above the waves of fate, or be drowned in the undertow. Magic, Humanity, love and self-discovery await in this occult, noir thrill ride.


Unknown said...

Fir those that are not familiar can you give an excerpt and some pages of your drawings. You may gain st lest one new fan.

Danny said...

Impressive cover and I am a big fan/ supporter.

Ra said...

Check it out @ Shennod.