Monday, August 19, 2013

Maxwell’s Mini Reviews: Chained Gun Vol. 1

I recently got around to reading Chained Gun Vol.1, a graphic novel created by Donny Morris and published by LGM books. Upon first glance, CG didn’t look spectacular, but then again most gems don’t. Chained Gun tells the story of Gallie “The Gun” a freed slave living in the American West. Our hero was raised by a mysterious man along with other orphan’s who were experimented on for the purpose of evolution. He and two of his adopted siblings escape, then join the union army during the civil war. They gain fame as great warriors, but Donovan Taft, one of the trio, betrays their allies,killing their whole platoon save for Gallie and his bother Ghost Hawk. Gallie, who stands accused of the crime, must now fight to clear his name and finally gain his freedom.


 + The art perfectly sets the tone of the world.
 + Gallie’s character is cool and sympathetic.    
 + Adalina is a strong female character.
 + Story compels and engages 


-  Art is at times inconsistent and hard to follow.
- Donovan’s betrayal is never explained. 

Rating: 4/5

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