Monday, August 12, 2013

Maxwell’s Mini Review: Battle Masterz # 1


Over the weekend, I got around to looking for little known, but impressive looking black creator owned comics. In my search, I happened upon Battle Masterz, created by Antuan, Sha, and Roland Broussard. BM is the story of Rymz. A man gifted with the lyrical prowess of Rakim, and the reality altering abilities of Scarlet Witch. These gifts put him on the radar of Plague, a secret organization with bad intentions. Our hero is assisted in his evasion of Plague by Delilah, a cabbie who is as beautiful as she is deadly. This femme fatale is tasked with aiding our boy into the near future.

The book looks incredible. The art done by, Ivan Anaya, Katrina Alberto, and Sherwin Santiago harkens back to the golden days of Capcom. The writing does the same, unfortunately Capcom was never known for storytelling . The vignettes that make up the book are a bit jarring and towards the end, they’re just plain confusing. It's a case of beautiful art hampered by writing. The idea of hip hop as a weapon and a means to change the world for the better is a good idea. However, the overall delivery was hurt by the message, and ultimately the book. You can buy this book at

Rating: 2.5/5

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