Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Virgin Wolf Issue #1 Review

“This is usually how my evenings begin…”

        This week I took a look at an indie title called Virgin Wolf a comic written by Alverne Ball, penciled by Max Bartomucci and colored by Adriana De Los Santos. This is a tale set in medieval France and follows a young lady only known as Virgin as she begins to carve a violent path through the province, hunting down a Werewolf (Known here as Wolfen). By her side is her companion Hania, a wise Native American who seems to know a lot about this young lady even though we don’t. 

        There is plenty of adult content in this a sex scene, sword fight a beheading and some impaling and I loved every moment of it. Bartomucci’s art and De Los Santos’ color are some the best examples of what all indie creators should shoot for, this is high-grade work reminiscent of what is out on shelves now and it is surprising to me that they didn’t pitch this to Image, IDW or one of the other indie labels. The story is a straightforward tale of revenge and though the main character is a bad ass I feel like I don’t really know her or her background so I can’t really become as invested in her as I’d like to be. That being said I do have a favorite character and that is Nicolas the son of the main antagonist Duke Ferdinand, who serves as a noble foil for his corrupt father. The dynamic between these two is interesting especially as it pertains to the death of a particular character in the beginning of he story. There are moments between them which cause us to wonder why the latter behave the way he does toward his son who seems to only want his father’s approval while still being defiant in some ways. Besides those two the other characters dispatched by the Duke find who’d killed his confidante are not as prevalent especially where Virgin is concerned and in the future I almost see them as a non-threat to her revenge crusade. Though this is the first issue and characters always evolve or show that they are more impressive than they were once thought to be, the potential is definitely here so I’ll wait as the mystery unfolds. If you’re into beautiful artwork, swordplay and action then this book is definitely for you. You can pick it up at ariondmg.com
 Rating 4/5 

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