Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lime Rind the Rouge Samurai # 1


“ The sheep continued to reek havoc.”

Let me start by saying that I have no idea what Lime Rind is about. Yes I’ve read the issue front to back but none of it makes sense to me. It’s as if Deadpool and Fooly Cooly had a baby named Lime Rind. The story starts out narrated by a disembodied voice that has a cactus that was originally a woman named Daisy Shandelear that was turned into a cactus by extra-terrestrial sheep who are again attacking the earth. The sheep’s Body odor then transforms a normal house cat into our hero Lime Rind: Rouge Samurai (yes that’s her whole name).  The character seems to be inspired by a certain magical schoolgirl and is able to cough up magical hair balls to ensnare her opponents decides that the invasion of earth isn’t quite as important as defeating the evil door to door salesmen who comes out to here desert dojo. The story ends off with her Daisy and her(Lime’s) sister who speaks in endless Haiku eating tofu with wasabi sauce on it.  The art was inconsistent but the colors worked very well especially vivid green of Lime Rind’s hair coupled with the red and blue of her costume. It would have been nice to see other things in the book were as vividly colored.
Again, the story was all over the place and that was clearly for comedy’s sake however the jokes fell flat on me. You can pick this one up at
Rating 1/5

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