Monday, June 20, 2011

Returning to the worlds we know

So I was looking at an old piece of mine called Scrawl of Dreams and was wondering why i never finished it. So upon deciding that I would be expanding the Many Layered Heavens universe, I decided to make Scrawl apart of it, as I am now introducing something of an extra reality plot device within the Hierophants comic which is for those who don't know the jumping point for the entire MLH Universe. Scrawl will also be mentioned in my Graphic novel Hierophants Ages and Aeons along with another realm branch of the universe called Everholm: The Dark Space Chronicles. I also have horror comic I'm working on based on Kenyan mythos and a mini series asks what would happen if a creature like Sandman, lived in a world like that in the Dark Tower Series and offset something Similar to Secret Wars. I'm collaborating with an old friend with me writing, and lettering and him doing the art. The story will be from both of us so look out for that at some point. And of course the Hierophants issue 1 is on its way.

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