Thursday, June 30, 2011


Is desire bad? Even if it's for a good thing is it bad? Why do we desire? and why must me? What is it about being human that makes us want for things? I ask this question because It doesn't make sense. To me it seems to desire is to suffer, because when we want something we are in anguish without it and when we get it's only satisfying for a moment. I read a lot of comic books...To some degree I feel that I can if I were so inclined to become addicted to them. But they cost money and they are a fleeting thing, yes i gain some insight with them and hell it puts me in the mood to write my own comic. But what's the point? Desire is a burning thing a horrible thing...When it is felt its is like a hunger, but when it is sated does it really help? I present this question because humans are fragile and we allow ourselves to be afflicted with so much. What happens when we say enough, Enough torment, enough desire. Will we be absolved will we be free from it? or must we toil and battle it forever? God Help us. Amen

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