Monday, May 10, 2010

Music to Write to (17 days)

So 17 days till I graduate, boy I'm psyched, I hate school, or rather institutional learning. Enough of that. I just found a new band to write to (For those who don't know I use music as inspiration to write and I use my expriences as the substance) or rather a new song by a band called Ellegarden the song is called 'The Middle of Nowhere" It reminds me of the relationships I've had with various friends and how I've tried to help them emotionally. It also makes me think of the relationships that my character Roderick Parker in my novel Scrawl of Dreams fosters with others who become his allies and eventually his new family. Otherwise I have loose ends to tie up with my African Heritage Studies Club while I'm still the president, hopefully they're easily resolved. Other than that all is well.

Maybe now I'll see you never.

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