Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It took a Village

He had stood on the great hill over looking the Valley and saw the line of fire approaching. For months the rumors a secret invasion force had spread throughout the village as it's leader i was sure to heed any talk of possible threat to his home. There were people who said, this force was organized by people who had once been members of the village, who went to live in the capital and realized that conquering a small hamlet with rich mining resources would gain them favor with the officials there. He knew never to compromise, his ancestors worked this land to long and to hard, under the sun and under the clouds, for it to be given up. His advisers had told him that the village would stand tall and brave this threat, but lately they showed signs of lax, of complacency, bred from his sole tireless effort. Although their were still a few who did what they could,'' his war chieftain Great Thought's heart seemed to have left the fold for one reason or another and now all campaigns and strategies were though up by him. They called him the Black Sea for a reason, he was a well spring of knowledge, did that give them the peace of mind to let him handle everything? His First Maiden, 'Small Heart' was under his tutelage for quite sometime, but she had found love one sun season and was caught in its grips. He could not fault her, ones own life is in fact theirs to live. His sister stood by him when she could, The Maiden of Flowers, Rose Daughter. She was a maiden still pursuing the path of her side of the family, They didn't agree on everything She and Black Sea, but they did believe that the survival of the Village, it's history and legacy was paramount for building a better tomorrow. Even as the capital threatened their way of life, to burn down their great culture center and ruin the minds of their young with a notion that they are nothing more than what the foreign nations say they are. It had been very hard since their Island was taken over by invaders. That was centuries ago, they stole most of the resources the island nation had and corrupted it's people with an idea of inferiority and that the only thing they should be doing is supporting their oppressors propaganda. It sickened Black Sea and he called out to the most high for answers, but knew they were already there within him, left there through divine birth right. "Are you OK?" I turned to see my wife 'True Speech' , she loved her husband and did the best to understand or console his moods, sometimes it was like she took the masculine presence in the relationships. But she understood, his shoulders held a great load and she loved him for it. "I'm fine, I'm just going to the mountain." "If you must." She walked over and kissed him and squeezed his hand. "Be careful." She turned and walked down the hill as the Fire approached, closer and closer. She turned toward the Village. "What shall i tell them?" She asked him as he climbed the mountain. He turned back to her and smiled. "Tell them when I come back down, We shall be ready." He took the mountain, fast stopping at a small hut on an outcropping. Here his confidante resided, she was actually his first protege, A spiritual consort of a kind even though their relationship would never be a physical one. The 'Lady of the Hood' waited for him, in front of her house. She was wrapped in her traditional black robe and hooded.Years before he became leader she was banished from the village for falling in love with another maiden. When he became the chief, he asked her back, however she enjoyed the solitude now. "Hello great king." She embraced him not quite like a lover, but close enough. "Have you prepared it?" he asked
"For you my lord." She directed him inside. When he walked in the sweet smell of jasmine hung in the air. "Let us begin, time is short." He sat down in front of her as she retrieved a jar and dipped her hands in it as he removed his earth tone shirt. She began rubbing the oil in the Jar on his back. As soon as the first explosion came. They were at war, when she was finished she kissed him on both cheeks and hugged him again. As he walked to the door 'True Speech' appeared. "My King come, it is time."

The couple walked down the mountain, going to face an uncertain destiny, If what Lady Hood had done was successful they would be invincible. But there was always doubt, division, fear Laziness. Lady Hood stood watching her friend, and praying for his safe return .

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