Friday, January 4, 2013

Rachaun Rogers Review: NoWhere Men

 (RRR)  NoWhere  Men issues 1 & 2

Writer: Eric Stephenson
Art: Nate Bellegarde & Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: Image Comics

"Science is the new rock and roll." Or what would happen if three of the four Beatles and Jim Hendrix decided to reshape the world with science instead of music. That is the impression I got from  NoWhere men originally and with high hopes I picked up a copy of issue 1. Here we're introduced to the main characters Emerson Strange, Dade Ellis, Simon Grimshaw and Thomas Walker who got together and formed World Corps, which propelled them to rock star status on the world stage. I love the way Stephenson uses little articles in the back of the story to create the notion that these men could just as easily be on the cover of rolling stone as they could popular science. What I don't particularly like is the fact that I really am not sure where the story's going and maybe that is by design but it feels like there are things that we should know and don't. A perfect example of this is a scene in, which the group is talking about the morals and ethics of their scientific ventures and then we are introduced to a whole new group of characters almost out of nowhere. Which brings me to my next issue with the story, we are introduced to the characters in the space station we aren't given any real reason to care about. Sure there is a possible romance blooming somewhere in there, but other than that if these people died I couldn't see why that would matter and that is a key element of storytelling in my eyes. Maybe I have to keep reading to gain that sense of connection with the characters but I don't know if I'll be around long enough to get there. On the plus side I'm a sucker for superscience and I like Stephensons notion to turn into pop culture. The Art by the Bellegrade and Bellaire does a really good job at setting the feel for the comic, everything is clean and and the use of colors do a good job at maintaining a Sci-fi pop culture look. 

This is Comic gets 3 R's out of 5.

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