Sunday, May 22, 2011

Indy 5000: The Pull list.

Naw this isn't a post about Nascar, this is about my current desire to buy indie comics (mainly by black authors but not a)ll Here's my Pull list/Wish list for next check if i can afford it. Most of these I will purchase in succession. Needless to say The only main stream book I'll be buying is Fables from now on.

Week 1

Atland Vol 1

Dread Soceity X

Week 2

Force Galiaxia Vol 1

Storm Bringers Issue 1

Week 3

Urban Shogun

Punx of Rage Remix

Week 4


Week 5

Dog Years

Week 6

Bigga Dreadnauts

Will Power

Week 7

Mcity Defender


Things I'm waiting for

Dark Storm Comics


Foreign Matter


Fist of the South Star

Ice Witch

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