Monday, January 3, 2011

"Urban" Fantasy

I've been thinking lately as is common for me. Ra'Chaun I said what does it take to be an author who other people will read? Is it marketing, Opportunities, actually finishing your novel. Yes all of the above. Then I get to thinking, Should I put my picture on the back cover of my book? If people find out that I'm black will they feel they cannot relate to the character? (Let's think about the Majority of the Urban Fantasy audience here). Will I actually have to write an "Urban" novel to actually attract an audience that looks like me? I've been searching around the blog-o-sphere and Amazon for authors of this Genre and I've come away with two things. I'm probably the wrong color and wrong gender to be doing this (Not counting The Brits). But still I write and edit and add and expand and try to finish a work that may or may not prove fruitful. But then I realize that I'm writing this to wear down the walls of this reality so that My own can spill in and I say okay I'll keep on moving. This kinda went no where I know. But something good will come of this thinking. I'm sure.

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