Thursday, June 17, 2010

The ressurection of the Black Hero

Good day all, This is a new idea i had and i wanted to share it with my blog community. Initially it was a call out to black writers to create black heroes in an anthology called "The Tribunal". (Originally posted on Face Book.)

So I have this idea for this black hero anthology called the Tribunal. I need people to write characters they themselves enjoy and identify. I don't have a full story yet but I do have a situation.

There is something called the Willie Lynch Letter here is a copy of it.


In the future thanks to the perpetuation of this syndrome black people are extinct (There are still mixed people alive though) the last black person alive a woman named Judy, sends a message to the past to a number of black people with extraordinary gifts and asks them to travel farther into the past to stop the syndrome from other ever being induced. After she sends the message she is killed by members of the future NSA who realize that the syndrome helped facilitate the construction of the US and without it, the country would not be a power house they are. They send agents back in time to kill these people, meanwhile the super powered black people must find a way to travel back in time and undo the Syndrome. However the repercussions maybe unlike anything anyone has ever known.

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